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About RaceCrawler

What is RaceCrawler?

Well, the definitions below say it all!

This site will provide services for running clubs, teams, runners and race directors.

This site is Search Engine, much like Google, except very specific to road race results. So I scan (crawl) websites, index the results. And when you search, it provides a link back to where the results were found (like a search engine). With RaceCrawler.com, I just have to know about the websites results are posted on, and crawl them for results. Results are scanned daily.

We are now indexing the following sites, and working on adding more:

Race Menu
Race Wire
Elite Feats
And lots More...

We also accept race data from race directors / members. Please let us know about any corrections.

Please send any requests or comments Bob Binns (info@racecrawler.com). I am happy to include other sites and upload races.