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Race Results
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4th Annual Seasons Road Race 20K & 5K
20k Overall
20k Acton, MA9/11/2016
1Brian HarveyBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Boston47631 M1:05:155:15
2Louis SerafiniTHE HEARTBREAKERS36724 M1:06:035:19
3Dan VassalloCentral Mass Striders52031 M1:06:175:20
4Teage O'ConnorGREEN MOUNTAIN ATHLETIC ASSOCI Burlington36533 M1:09:215:35
5Nick AguilaMillennium Running34726 M1:09:315:36
6Scott MindelCentral Mass Striders50829 M1:09:575:38
7Brandon NewbouldWhirlaway Racing Team31734 M1:10:005:38
8Eric McDonaldWhirlaway Racing Team31526 M1:10:045:39
9Brad MishBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Dorchester48229 M1:10:045:39
10Samuel FazioliWhirlaway Racing Team31424 M1:10:105:39
11Samuel GrayWhirlaway Racing Team31320 M1:10:385:41
12Jason ReillyBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION East Greenwich48433 M1:11:165:45
13Eric MendozaGREATER BOSTON TRACK CLUB54632 M1:11:215:45
14Alex LeuchankaMillennium Running34625 M1:11:385:46
15Jon JoyceWestern Mass Distance Project Hull25426 M1:11:565:48
16Francis CusickLexington27030 M1:12:145:49
17Peter HammerBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Needham37350 M1:12:125:49
18Sean DuncanWestern Mass Distance Project Waltham25127 M1:12:175:49
19Ian NeilGREATER BOSTON TRACK CLUB35732 M1:12:165:49
20Dylan VillescasBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Brighton33024 M1:12:245:50
21Peter GilmoreBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Brighton32826 M1:12:305:50
22Jose OrtizWhirlaway Racing Team31627 M1:12:435:52
23Dennis RocheWestern Mass Distance Project Longmeadow25729 M1:13:565:57
24Tim CatoggioRUN Boston21630 M1:13:595:58
25Rachel SornaThe Heartbreakers37124 F1:14:135:59
26Joseph EkuomKingston38246 M1:14:306:00
27Jared BurrisMillennium Running34824 M1:14:246:00
28Zachary SwitagMillennium Running35424 M1:14:316:00
29Dan ButtonSISU Project21930 M1:14:506:02
30Mark RabascoWestern Mass Distance Project Pittsfield25622 M1:15:006:03
31Brandyn NaroGate City Striders56129 M1:15:066:03
32Hilary DionneCCR Charlestown49031 F1:15:076:03
33Naseem HajeMillennium Running35525 M1:15:126:04
34Mike BisbeeMillennium Running34923 M1:15:376:06
35Robert NorcrossGREATER BOSTON TRACK CLUB54735 M1:15:386:06
36Joe ShairsCentral Mass Striders51448 M1:15:456:06
37Nick PetersonSISU Project22726 M1:16:116:08
38Dave DechellisWhirlaway Racing Team31841 M1:16:226:09
39Eric NarcisiCentral Mass Striders50936 M1:16:276:10
40Dan SmithWestern Mass Distance Project Shelburne Falls25838 M1:17:586:17
41Matthew GermainSISU Project22134 M1:18:086:18
42Dan ChruniakWicked Running Club26032 M1:18:126:18
43James PawlickiCentral Mass Striders51141 M1:18:186:18
44Joseph NavasWhirlaway Racing Team32045 M1:18:266:19
45Michael CooneyWhirlaway Racing Team32454 M1:18:316:20
46Scott AndersonWhirlaway Racing Team32151 M1:18:346:20
47Charlie BemisWhirlaway Racing Team32353 M1:18:396:20
48Jason BuiGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Ayer57436 M1:18:426:20
49Dave DunhamCentral Mass Striders50052 M1:18:486:21
50Jp GeraldBoston30233 M1:19:086:23
51Lindsay SmithAmherst37429 M1:19:136:23
52Kieran CondonSomerville Road Runners23339 M1:19:226:24
53Robert CiprianoSOMERVILLE ROAD RUNNERS36656 M1:19:236:24
54Michael KelleherSISU Project27724 M1:19:266:24
55Kaitlin SheedyCCR Arlington49233 F1:19:296:24
56Kaitlin O'SullivanBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Boston48331 F1:19:416:25
57Jason PorterBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Bedford (nh)32946 M1:19:436:25
58James SullivanGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Medfield76431 M1:19:416:25
59Anthony CrudaleGREATER BOSTON TRACK CLUB33739 M1:19:466:26
60Ed SheldonCentral Mass Striders51652 M1:19:526:26
61Todd CallaghanCentral Mass Striders49547 M1:20:006:27
62Michael PaulinWicked Boston24641 M1:19:596:27
63Neil MartinCambridge Sports Union53139 M1:20:096:27
64John HerronWMPD Sherburne35933 M1:20:076:27
65Eric WylerGREATER BOSTON TRACK CLUB54928 M1:20:166:28
66Laura HagleyMillennium Running33932 F1:20:246:29
67John SchilkowskyThe Heartbreakers37025 M1:20:246:29
68Martin TigheCentral Mass Striders51958 M1:21:116:32
69Laura BrustolonCentral Mass Striders49428 F1:21:226:33
70Shamus BradyBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Winchester46634 M1:21:266:34
71Leslie O'DellCentral Mass Striders51040 F1:21:376:34
72E J HrynowskiGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Arlington59454 M1:21:376:34
73Paul DaviesBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Rosindale46849 M1:21:486:35
74Diana BowserCCR Needham48943 F1:21:556:36
75Austin SusmannSISU PROJECT36830 M1:21:576:36
76Katsuhiro TogamiBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Brookline48538 M1:21:536:36
77Douglas MartynWhirlaway Racing Team32556 M1:22:046:37
78Thorsten EmigBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Boston47047 M1:22:016:36
79Michael McGraneBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Ashland48146 M1:22:206:38
80Michael NarcisiSISU Project22532 M1:22:336:39
81Regina LoiacanoCentral Mass Striders50643 F1:22:446:40
82Eric FlamanWestern Mass Distance Project Walpole25226 M1:22:536:41
83Scotty VandermolenWestern Mass Distance Project Southborough25927 M1:22:536:41
84Jason AyrWestern Mass Distance Project Allston24729 M1:22:566:41
85Mary KleneMillennium Running34233 F1:22:566:41
86Carlos RiveraGREATER SPRINGFIELD HARRIERS Springfield33542 M1:23:086:42
87Amy BernardWhirlaway Racing Team30638 F1:23:226:43
88Michael LuebeckGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Maynard61631 M1:23:336:44
89Christin DoneskiWhirlaway Racing Team30845 F1:23:386:44
90Manuel GonzalezGREATER BOSTON TRACK CLUB35827 M1:23:466:45
91Kelly WhittakerBoston30030 F1:23:536:45
92Dianna ChivakosBRTC Westford48833 F1:24:046:46
93Humza JafferjiGate City Striders56027 M1:24:136:47
94Ephraim EzekielWhirlaway Racing Team32759 M1:24:346:49
95Gregory SaiaCambridge Running Club52733 M1:25:006:51
96Peter FratiniGREATER SPRINGFIELD HARRIERS Westfield33351 M1:25:006:51
97Fionna FallonGREATER BOSTON TRACK CLUB54228 F1:25:146:52
98Deborah SlasonMillennium Running34342 F1:25:166:52
99Ginger ReinerCCR Lincoln49139 F1:25:316:53
100Christopher MarshallBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Brookline48031 M1:25:336:53
101Andy MacDonaldBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Jamaica Plain47956 M1:25:356:54
102Erin LohrenzGREATER BOSTON TRACK CLUB54427 F1:25:416:54
103Kris DepewGREATER BOSTON TRACK CLUB35247 M1:26:016:56
104Mark FurlerGate City Striders55833 M1:26:166:57
105Lynton KarforCambridge Running Club78438 M1:26:206:57
106Amanda WattersBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Ashland48736 F1:26:256:58
107Patrick DoranCambridge Running Club52229 M1:26:286:58
108Ronit MalkaGREATER BOSTON TRACK CLUB54523 F1:26:346:58
109Tristan ColangeloChestnut Hill38134 M1:26:276:58
110Rubesh JacobsGREATER BOSTON TRACK CLUB54343 M1:26:346:58
111Brian TingerSOMERVILLE ROAD RUNNERS38331 M1:26:547:00
112Joe O'LearySomerville Road Runners23948 M1:27:327:03
113Jim GarciaGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Westford59058 M1:27:437:04
114Maria ServinWhirlaway Racing Team31054 F1:27:417:04
115Christian NolinWicked Beverly24543 M1:27:337:03
116Joseph AndersonGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Waltham56941 M1:27:387:04
117Caitlyn GermainSISU Project22232 F1:28:067:06
118Richard CarrickGreen Mountain Athletic Associ Burlington36029 M1:28:167:07
119Jeff BenoitSISU Project21738 M1:28:167:07
120Laura ChristophWestern Mass Distance Project Hadley37234 F1:28:197:07
121Meghan LoutColchester28337 F1:28:477:09
122Melissa HineWestern Mass Distance Project Holyoke36926 F1:28:497:09
123Ken CainGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Andover57644 M1:28:537:10
124Colin LoghinGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Westford59841 M1:29:107:11
125Brittany SaiaCambridge Running Club52628 F1:29:087:11
126Lauren OpachinskiGREATER BOSTON TRACK CLUB54829 F1:29:237:12
127David LapierreCentral Mass Striders50452 M1:29:427:14
128Jose LoureiroGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Andover61449 M1:29:457:14
129Brian AllenWhirlaway Racing Team31944 M1:30:007:15
130Kehr DavisWestern Mass Distance Project Great Barrington24839 F1:30:017:15
131Stan PeijffersNorth Andover29163 M1:30:097:16
132Jennifer MortimerMillennium Running36234 F1:30:197:16
133Susan MacLeodWhirlaway Racing Team30739 F1:30:187:16
134Brian FoleyBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Wellesley47849 M1:30:527:19
135Philip Savoy JrCentral Mass Striders51354 M1:30:547:19
136Jamie WilsonBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Brookline33164 M1:31:197:21
137Richard FriesnerGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Chelmsford58834 M1:31:297:22
138Xi ChenCentral Mass Striders49628 F1:31:527:24
139Charles-Henr HydrioCambridge Running Club77231 M1:32:027:25
140Paul DonovanGate City Striders55551 M1:32:137:26
141Bryan RileyGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Tyngsboro70038 M1:32:107:25
142Dina NagdimunovaGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Burlington69530 F1:32:177:26
143Jose Agneta Van DerGREATER BOSTON TRACK CLUB37636 F1:32:397:28
144Ken GoodinGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Lowell59161 M1:32:497:29
145Cheryl FortierSISU Project22033 F1:33:067:30
146Mark DelucaWicked Beverly24430 M1:33:037:30
147Chris StoneSISU Project22824 M1:33:067:30
148Nathan McBrideStow28442 M1:33:207:31
149Stephen RouleauGate City Striders56237 M1:33:307:32
150Mark AnsleyGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Lowell57134 M1:33:337:32
151Fil FariaGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Tewksbury58652 M1:33:307:32
152Gordon MacFarlandCambridge Sports Union53068 M1:33:417:33
153Lindsay CloseGate City Striders55434 F1:33:517:34
154Bill DumontGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Dracut58258 M1:33:537:34
155Haley LydstoneMillennium Running34127 F1:34:177:36
156Sue GeorgeCentral Mass Striders50254 F1:34:377:37
157Tim BlanchardSomerville Road Runners23241 M1:34:447:38
158Nadine PalmerWhirlaway Racing Team30948 F1:34:557:39
159Nancy CorsaroWhirlaway Racing Team31257 F1:35:187:41
160Sarah DolvenWestern Mass Distance Project Leverett25046 F1:35:277:41
161David OldhamSomerville Road Runners23852 M1:35:327:42
162David LoutzenheiserCambridge Running Club52349 M1:35:577:44
163Raniel BabalaNashua26352 M1:35:597:44
164Elizabeth CooneySomerville Road Runners23461 F1:36:097:45
165Karla SteeleCentral Mass Striders51839 F1:36:297:46
166Alicia EnoCentral Mass Striders50139 F1:36:447:48
167Ken JacobsonGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Maynard59660 M1:36:447:48
168Mary LammiCentral Mass Striders50360 F1:36:557:48
169Vanessa DianaWestern Mass Distance Project Westfield24946 F1:37:007:49
170Matt StoryGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Westford76243 M1:37:087:49
171Emily StoverGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Concord76332 F1:37:177:50
172Chip MannGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Townsend64164 M1:37:297:51
173Elizabeth MettetalCambridge Running Club52532 F1:37:547:53
174Michael TullyGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Chelmsford76552 M1:37:537:53
175Emily SchoemmellGate City Striders56331 F1:38:157:55
176Ken SnowGate City Striders56460 M1:38:087:54
177Karen McGahieCentral Mass Striders50754 F1:38:197:55
178Elissa QuinnGNRC Wakefield77133 F1:38:347:56
179John GormanWhirlaway Racing Team32658 M1:38:547:58
180Mark CarlsonActon35649 M1:40:018:03
181Kristina OuelletteGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Lowell69735 F1:39:508:02
182Zeus EstradaBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Boxborough47156 M1:40:018:03
183Stephen PeckiconisCambridge Sports Union53257 M1:40:448:07
184Beth MorrisMillennium Running34541 F1:40:378:06
185Lisa ZappalaWhirlaway Racing Team31155 F1:40:458:07
186Manuel DuvalActon30350 M1:42:168:14
187Ashley BockSISU Project21827 F1:42:288:15
188Peter WellandShrewsabury38445 M1:43:168:19
189John HackneyGreen Mountain Athletic Associ Montpelier76971 M1:43:268:20
190Victoria BokLAC20954 F1:43:288:20
191Kurt BernaGate City Striders55145 M1:44:058:23
192Wendy PaltoSomerville Road Runners24039 F1:44:228:24
193Maryann JohnsonCOLONIAL ROAD RUNNERS52853 F1:44:128:24
194Chris BashaGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Concord57246 M1:44:348:25
195Jeff MaistroskyGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Hudson62735 M1:44:548:27
196Brian SpechtCentral Mass Striders37754 M1:45:468:31
197Sidney LetendreCentral Mass Striders50561 F1:46:038:32
198Clay CurrierBaton Rouge26934 M1:46:038:32
199Anne LundWestern Mass Distance Project Westfield25551 F1:46:118:33
200Suzanne BarkerGate City Striders55045 F1:46:218:34
201Sue DonovanGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Billerica76849 F1:46:238:34
202Jade PottsMillennium Running34441 F1:46:528:36
203Emma HynesWestern Mass Distance Project Westfield25340 F1:46:508:36
204Kevin CormierGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Tewksbury58141 M1:46:578:37
205David BurnsGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Lowell57551 M1:46:598:37
206Daniel BarryHopkinton26447 M1:47:088:38
207Lisa DoucettCambridge Sports Union53861 F1:47:188:39
208Frank RuggieroCentral Mass Striders51257 M1:47:298:39
209Brian WelchGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS West Boylston76637 M1:47:458:41
210Andre ChandonnetGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Lowell57960 M1:47:388:40
211Glen TurgissWoburn29853 M1:47:418:40
212Michael QuinnSomerville Road Runners24152 M1:48:058:42
213Christine CroninWRC Beverly26152 F1:49:008:47
214Kevin FitzgibbonDedham37860 M1:49:378:50
215Peter DecambreBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Belmont46952 M1:50:128:53
216Joseph TathamCarlisle29748 M1:50:128:53
217Beth WhippleGate City Striders56750 F1:50:268:54
218Jill LohmeierGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Westford59949 F1:50:398:55
219Sara ChmuraCentral Mass Striders49730 F1:50:368:54
220David MonkKingston28761 M1:50:518:56
221Barry SaundersWhirlaway Racing Team37553 M1:50:538:56
222Tom MillerWINNERS CIRCLE24365 M1:51:098:57
223Matthew ShapiroGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Hudson76144 M1:51:148:57
224Melanie HireGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Dracut59354 F1:51:378:59
225Charles JenningsConcord27656 M1:51:479:00
226Johan Van WalsemActon29953 M1:51:549:01
227Pat ClarkCentral Mass Striders49857 F1:52:049:01
228Matthew HuntGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Dracut59527 M1:52:029:01
229Patrick PezzatiGREATER SPRINGFIELD HARRIERS Montague33652 M1:52:199:03
230David KellyActon27852 M1:53:559:10
231Brendan McCannPepperell28528 M1:53:599:11
232Susan DemicheleSudbury27145 F1:54:139:12
233Vicki MillerWINNERS CIRCLE24263 F1:54:329:13
234Brian BalvkonisLittleton38057 M1:54:289:13
235Rogina ModestowGREATER SPRINGFIELD HARRIERS Hamden33455 F1:54:349:14
236Julie WeismanCambridge Sports Union33259 F1:55:009:16
237Rosie KyesNSS Peabody33845 F1:55:289:18
238David LafosseActon28230 M1:56:009:21
239Drusilla Pratt-OttoLAC Brookline21057 F1:56:419:24
240Daniel McCarthySomerville Road Runners23768 M1:56:499:24
241Sean PattenSuncook29048 M1:57:569:30
242Michael R. JoyceSomerville Road Runners23634 M1:58:219:32
243Tammy McDonoughGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Methuen68748 F1:58:349:33
244Harry CarterBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Blackstone46779 M1:59:019:35
245Annajean McMahonNSS Saugus21564 F1:59:329:38
246Takahide WatanabeBOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Arlington48640 M1:59:529:39
247Tai TempleHRC Ashland78543 F2:00:049:40
248Richard H PaulsenWoburn21173 M2:01:399:48
249Mary SharkeyCentral Mass Striders51566 F2:02:049:50
250Peter MitchellGreen Mountain Athletic Associ Jericho77076 M2:02:159:51
251Amy DierbergerSomerville Road Runners23540 F2:02:579:54
252Brenda ColemanGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS North Chelmsford58047 F2:03:109:55
253Stacy EnnisGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Lowell58536 F2:03:159:56
254Mohaan RaajGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Westford76745 M2:04:2710:01
255Steven ChiltonHEARTBREAK HILL STRIDERS36165 M2:04:4310:03
256Gerald PorricelliLincoln21273 M2:04:4310:03
257John KleschinskySISU Project22457 M2:05:1010:05
258Manny CamaraGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Westford57749 M2:05:1310:05
259Brandy SchmirerMaynard29541 F2:06:2710:11
260Andrea DomingsLexington37925 F2:07:2510:16
261Gary CircostaGREATER BOSTON TRACK CLUB54169 M2:07:2910:16
262Kyung NamGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Andover69648 M2:07:5510:18
263Kacey HillSISU Project22325 F2:08:3810:22
264Adriana TyersGate City Striders56549 F2:08:4910:22
265Anthony BlancoLittleton36334 M2:09:1310:24
266Stacy Lynn BlancoLittleton36438 F2:09:1310:24
267Larry MorrisNorth Medford Club21370 M2:10:0810:29
268Denise YoungNSS Lynnfield21456 F2:10:0410:28
269Mark FordActon27345 M2:10:2710:30
270Hank LopezNorth Berwick22955 M2:13:4710:46
271Rachael MeadAyer28636 F2:14:0510:48
272Kathryne KulzerNewton Center28025 F2:16:1610:58
273Wendy BriggsGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Westford26636 F2:18:0011:07
274Marisol GarciaGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Boston58944 F2:18:0111:07
275Ulrike KjellbergWestford27941 F2:18:4311:10
276Elizabeth BerkenbushWINNERS CIRCLE35130 F2:18:5411:11
277Kelly ShawWest Roxbury29634 F2:19:0811:12
278Erin FinnWest Roxbury30131 F2:19:3211:14
279Josalyn BurgessSRC Lowell23146 F2:20:0411:17
280Adam GerhardGate City Striders55940 M2:22:0411:26
281Angelica PabonSISU Project22627 F2:23:0311:31
282Atchapo N'ChoLittleton28941 F2:24:4711:39
283Bernard DavisCentral Mass Striders49967 M2:24:4011:39
284Noemi FigueroaGate City Striders55737 F2:25:1711:42
285Steve ReineActon29451 M2:25:2611:43
286Ilissa StellaBrookline30426 F2:25:3211:43
287Ray PhillipsGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Acton69968 M2:26:0711:46
288Murali GadeActon27440 M2:26:1711:47
289Henry LeongCambridge Sports Union52948 M2:30:1212:06
290Jennifer VincentGate City Striders56643 F2:32:1412:15
291Mimi SunCambridge Sports Union53954 F2:32:3212:17
292Kelly FoxGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Lowell58737 F2:34:2612:26
293Bethany RappoliChelmsford29340 F2:34:2912:26
294Michael VangelistWINNERS CIRCLE35048 M2:35:0912:30
295Lawrence ColeHarwich26882 M2:45:3013:19
296Isaiah ShalomCambridge Sports Union53771 M2:46:0213:22
297Kerri HaskinsGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Danville59245 F2:49:0413:37
298Theresa BernaGate City Striders55247 F2:56:5514:15
299Laurie BrownGate City Striders55348 F2:56:5614:15
300Kyle MurrayRye28857 M3:02:2514:41
301Kim ChadwellGREATER LOWELL ROAD RUNNERS Dracut57853 F3:06:1415:00